How do I join?

First, you’ll need to attend three consecutive meetings, after which time you can submit an application and arrange for an inspection of your business. We will vote on your membership during your third consecutive meeting.


What is an inspection?

An inspection allows our representatives to examine your business practice. During this process, our Inspector not only visits your office, but also interviews you. Because we have an aggressive chapter that invites only the highest quality professionals, the inspection process allows us to qualify those guests that will thrive in our group.


How many votes are required for acceptance into JRN?

To be invited to join, at least 90 percent of the membership must vote in your favor.
We are more likely to vote for a guest who:

  1. Arrives early to the meetings and gets to know the members
  2. Provides referrals to the existing members prior to the vote
  3. Calls members to inquire about their business
  4. Invites guests to the meeting
  5. Attends lunch bunches


What is required of me once I join?

The JRN is the most effective Japanese / American business network in Los Angeles. Our members are required to:

  1. Pass at least four referrals per month
  2. Meet the attendance requirements, as described in the bylaws


What is a “conflict of interest”?

Once a member joins a group, his/her competition cannot join. This means that we only allow one web designer, one mortgage broker, one psychotherapist, etc. A “conflict of interest” occurs when a guest’s occupation overlaps (i.e., competes) with an existing member’s occupation. By strictly prohibiting conflicts of interest, we are better able to focus on growing our members’ businesses without watering down referrals.


How much does it cost?

Initial fees for joining the chapter include:
A one time $40 application and $150 initial fee payable to Japan Referral Network.
Quarterly dues of $309 to pay for your breakfast.


What is the dress code?

Though our membership is diverse, most of our members share a commonality in that they are all business owners. To maintain and attract the highest caliber of business professionals, we ask that our members and guests dress in professional business attire.


What is a lunch bunch?

A lunch bunch is an opportunity for members to get together outside the meeting in a smaller setting to learn more about each other’s business. Lunch bunches can occur over breakfast, coffee, lunch, or cocktails. Formal lunch bunches are scheduled weekly, and members are required to attend one formal lunch bunch per month. Informal lunch bunches are also encouraged. Members who take advantage of the lunch bunch system find that they are able to give and receive more referrals than average.